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  WUXI DELIKE machine Equipment CO.,LTD. Located in Jiangnan Yi Sing city Zhoutie town, north according to the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing secondary roads bordering the Taihu Lake, beautiful scenery, convenient traffic, pleasant climate!

  Our company is a professional factory to manufacture the chemical, pharmaceutical equipment. The Company's strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced production technology, detection means perfect, reliable quality and superior performance. The company to absorb the huge technical strength of the tertiary institutions in the country and design units, has, in close cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Chemical Design Institute, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Design Institute, East China Institute of Technology and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research units, the introduction of new technologies, improve the new technology, upgrading the development of new products.

  My company has a highly qualified technical team to the acceptance of ancillary services, from design, validation, production and processing. Our factory has excellent processing equipment, advanced production technology and perfect testing means, and excellent after-sales service for the products manufactured by universal trust and welcome.

  The reactor, heat exchanger, chemical packing, fermentation equipment and other products are sold in 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries. Our aim: quality of survival, to develop varieties, reputation for service. "Adhere to strict delivery deadlines, reasonable price standard, excellent product quality, proper service-oriented, sincere and effective cooperation with the new and old customers for a long time, I elaborate the various types of products in the reflect use, reliable performance and unique advantages, universally trusted and welcomed by the user.

  We will be honest and to be Bin grid and trustworthy. Welcome to visit us and negotiate business; welcome you to plant guide!

  Welcome new and old customers to continue into DELIKE machine, let us provide you with better service!


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