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Vacuum homogenization emulsifying equipment

Vacuum homogenization emulsifying equipment

   Such as petroleum heavy oil, chemicals, drugs and natural food, health care products, such as fatty acids, are often heat-sensitive, viscous and / or material that has a high boiling point. Should these materials isolated from the other components thereof, while maintaining the quality of the product, only on the low boiling temperature of even less than the boiling temperature of distillation, and only in a very short time, the thermal decomposition or polymerization to be minimized, in order to eliminate damage to the product.
   When the operating vacuum of approximately 500Pa, can be carried out in a thin film evaporator and a falling film evaporator. If, however, the distillation must be operated under high vacuum (such as the pressure between 0.001 ~ 100Pa) there is a problem. Must be selected that does not exceed the evaporator through the pressure drop between the heating surface and the condenser surface, and thus in the product vapor pressure of the evaporator with an external condenser is excluded outside the high vacuum range in the distillation process.
   In contrast, the SPE type short evaporator is very suitable for such applications, the condenser is manufactured in the evaporator, and is located directly opposite the heated evaporation occurs. So, the short-range evaporator is newer is not yet widely used in industrial production, separation technology can solve a lot of the new shape can not be solved by conventional distillation techniques.

2.the procedure
   The the of SPE short-range evaporator heated by a jacketed cylindrical body within the condenser and rotor components. The internal condenser is located in the center of the evaporator, with scraping of the membrane system the rotor rotates between the evaporator and condenser.
   The distillation process is: the material was added from the top of the evaporator, the fluid distribution through the material on the rotor is continuously and uniformly distributed in the heating surface, the film-scraper to scrape into a very thin layer, was turbulence shaped liquid film. In this process, the light escaping from the heated surface molecules, almost without collision to the condenser is condensed into liquid, and condenser tubes along stream is discharged through the discharge pipe at the bottom of the evaporator; i.e. heavy raffinate The molecules are collected in the circular channel in the heating zone, and then flow out through the side of the material.

3.the basic principle
   Distillation is the separation of the mixed liquid in the chemical unit operation a method divided into the atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation, is the use of a mixed liquid (s) in each set of parts of different volatile in order to achieve the purpose of separation. That is, the separation of light parts the liquid its saturated vapor pressure is greater than the pressure of the system, the material can be separated, so the pressure in the system lower (the higher the degree of vacuum) can more easily be separated. molecular distillation is introduced on the basis of the ordinary distillation saturated The concept of vapor pressure and the mean free path of the molecules will be separated from the liquid phase body light molecules fastest capture accumulation, heating surface of the distance to the condensation surface is equal to or less than the light component molecules escape free path , but it must be larger than that of the recombinant parts of the molecular mean free path, in order to obtain a good capture effect, the condensation area to be greater than the evaporation area, in order to achieve the purpose of molecular distillation, but due to the influence of the device structure, the actual device is impossible to achieve the desired molecular distillation conditions, only close or simulated molecular distillation, so we call the short path distillation, decided to short-path distillation separation capacity factors are the following aspects:
   1.The diffusion rate of the light component of the mixed liquid from the liquid body to the heating surface.
   2.light component of the saturated vapor pressure and the degree of vacuum.
   3.light component molecules to escape to the capture and condensation speed of the accumulation (i.e., by heating the surface to the distance of the condensing surface). In view of the above principle, in order to improve the light component from the liquid phase in the body to the evaporation surface diffusion speed, the use of scraped film type, the material uniformly in the heating surface scraping into a thin film, so that the mixed liquid light component the diffusion velocity of the evaporation surface from the liquid body to the maximum, the diffusion time is very short and precise placement of the built-in condenser inside the device, so that between the heating surface and the condensation surface distance is less than or equal to the light component of the molecular mean free path unhindered escape by evaporation surface molecules flying and agglutination condensing surface, so that the the light collecting accumulation fastest limit speed. instant cohesion light component, almost no pressure drop, so to ensure that the equipment to maintain a high vacuum inside.
   Molecular mean free path λ = 8.589 N / p (T / M) 1/2
n material viscosity
p absolute pressure
        T the absolute temperature
M molecular weight
Therefore decided that the factors of the molecular mean free path is the degree of vacuum, heating temperature, the viscosity and molecular weight of the higher degree of vacuum (lower absolute pressure) the greater the molecular mean free path, the higher the temperature, the greater the molecular mean free path, on average per molecule The smaller the free path. Therefore, adjusting the degree of vacuum is the most effective parameters for changing the molecular mean free path, operating costs according to the specific circumstances, i.e. raising the temperature also increase the molecular mean free path, but also can improve the light component saturated vapor pressure, increase the separation capacity, but will have a negative impact on product quality.

Short path distillation (molecular distillation), compared with ordinary distillation has the following characteristics
   1:the separation operation can be the temperature of the material boiling temperature to achieve, as long as the pressure of the system is less than the distance between the saturated vapor pressure of the material light component and the heating surface and the condensation surface is less than or equal to the molecular mean free path of the light component , will be able to achieve the separation purposes.
   2:ordinary distillation is above the material boiling temperature operation and therefore the evaporation and condensation is a reversible process, the short-path distillation (molecular distillation) to achieve the separation operation may be below the boiling temperature, so the evaporation of the short path distillation (molecular distillation) and condensation is an irreversible process
   3:ordinary distillation bubbling, boiling phenomenon, the separating operation of the short-path distillation (molecular distillation) is below the boiling temperature, so there is no bubbling, boiling phenomenon, is conducive to the entire system to maintain a high degree of vacuum.

5、Internal structure:
   Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a short path distillation (molecular distillation) professional manufacturing units in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with professional and technical personnel of the Company on the understanding of molecular distillation, learn from each other, the design and manufacture of precise and accurate short-range distillation (molecular distillation), for different materials to choose different scraping membrane forms to adapt to different process requirements, at the same time there are different forms of a variety of built-in condenser for selection to meet the different molecular mean free path of the material, reasonable configuration and exact processing, to ensure that the spacing of the evaporation surface condensation surface, boring and polishing the evaporation surface so that the material flowing more smoothly.

6、Sixth, the equipment configuration of the system
   Reasonable system configuration, not only to ensure the normal operation of the short path distillation (molecular distillation), but also to avoid unreasonable investment. Generally short path distillation (molecular distillation) higher operating vacuum requirements before entering short path distillation (molecular distillation) make short path distillation (molecular distillation (vacuum material impact light (residual part of the non-condensable gases, low boiling point) first off has proved WFE is the ideal pre-off device, select the mire scraper film evaporator can guarantee the short path distillation (molecular distillation) in a high vacuum state normal operation.

Petrochemical industry: amides, amines, quinoline derivatives, epoxy resins, resin acids, isocyanates, isobutyl ketone peroxide, a liquid crystal, polyethylene glycol, silicone oils, softeners and other;
Pharmaceutical industry: the amino acid ester, polymer intermediate products, vitamin E, and dimension it life, etc.;
Fats industry: diglycerides, dimerized fatty acids, fatty acids, fatty acid derivatives, more glycerides, acids, lanolin alcohol, etc.;
Food industry: single-monoglyceride, bay acid, propylene glycol esters, L-lactic acid, cod liver oil, rice bran oil, the small three wheat germ oil, cinnamon oil, rose oil;

8、product specifications
   Select a reasonable size for short-range evaporator is very important, the following table lists the Dimensions for the standard size and equipment.

Model Heating area m2 Condensation area m2 Evaporation inside diameter mm Equipment total height mm WeightKG
SPE6 0.06
0.06 80 1000 35
SPE10 0.1 0.12 125 1100 50
0.3 0.5 210 1750 110
SPE80 0.5 0.8 300 2100 160
SPE100 1.0 1.5 350 2730 240
SPE150 1.5 2.5 400 3200 520
SPE200 2 3.0 500 3500 680
SPE300 3.0 5.0 600 4800 1100
SPE400 4 7.5 700 5500 1380
SPE600 6 10 800 5800 1750
SPE800 8 16 1000 6800 3500
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